Types of Anchor Text

By: Sarah Nasir Anchor text is the hyperlinked text that you click on. Anchor texts are significant for both external and internal links. There is not much that you can do about the anchor texts from inbound links as you have no control over how others link to your...

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Anchor Text: Best Practices

By: Sarah Nasir  Anchor text is the clickable part of the hyperlink. It usually serves as an indication of what the link is about. Anchor text should be a significant part of your SEO strategy – it can increase the validity of your efforts to rank higher on the SERP...

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DISTRIKT is a marketing solutions agency specializing in digital marketing to help companies acquire new customers and achieve growth. DISTRIKT is a new member of  the Localogy.com (The Local Search Association (LSA)) and were pleased to say a new contributor to the...

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Coupons: An SEO Tactic

Author: Sarah Nasir Concurrently acquiring customers, making sales and driving traffic to your website is not impossible – with the help of SEO. With SEO’s prominence in digital advertising showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, it is crucial for companies to...

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