Case Study – B2B Small Business Leads

cover image from: https://info.themezzaninegroup.com/blog/what-does-b2b-mean Echo Partners is a B2B financial company that was started to give community banks access to the tools and resources traditionally available only to large institutions. Echo Partners has...

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Effective Email Marketing and Segmentation

cover image from: http://www.mergedesignblog.com/email-marketing-and-why-you-should-be-doing-it/ How to capture emails Sending good emails is important, however it is more important to send good emails to the right people. Your email list should consist of an audience...

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Make Your Content Appeal to Gen Z-ers

Over the last few years, talk has gradually shifted away from Millenials to Gen Z-ers, the cohort born roughly between 1995 and 2010. Now that Gen Z-ers are estimated to make up a third of the world’s population, ignoring them would be a risky strategy. This is...

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