Mobile usage is fast becoming the default way in which customers engage with your business. Micro-moments is a term coined by Google to describe the pervasive behavior arising from mobile usage – the demand for immediate information during the time they want to buy, do, and go. Micro-moments have been evolving and there are 3 new behaviors that are becoming prevalent today as a result of this immediate need to know.

The “Well-Advised” Customer

Customers want to be able to make the best decision by doing mobile search. Google has seen a surge in the use of the keyword “best.” Mobile phones have enabled customers to be able to retrieve this information much faster and easier.

The “Right Here” Customer

Customers expect information to be personalized to them based on their location. What this means is that customers now assume that your business will deliver relevant information according to where they are by simply typing in the word “dinner.”

The “Right Now” Customer

Customers are now using their phones to make more decisions last-minute and spontaneously. Hence, the urgency to find information immediately now and here has intensified. As a business, you can gain more customers by meeting and addressing their customer needs ‘in-the-moment’.

Read more on micro-moments at: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-ca/consumer-insights/micro-moments-consumer-behavior-expectations/