6 Social Media Content Ideas to Save You Time

6 Social Media Content Ideas to Save You Time

Is Social Media Worth Your Time?

Today small businesses spend more time on social media marketing than they do on website optimization. Now you, a small business owner or marketer, might not need an actual website, as you can promote your brand and sell your goods/services directly on your social profiles.

Create Unique Content

People like to belong to a community; they like the feeling of being fans of something worthy. They don’t need your products everyday, but they stay with you because they like your unique content, which is the SOUL of your brand. When they need your services, they will remember to come to you.

To make social media work in your favor, you need to post diversified content regularly. Otherwise, you will spend all that time fleshing out your business information to have a page that is rarely viewed.

Develop a Content Plan

It’s been proven that consistency wins the social media game almost every time. You need a social media posting schedule. One example for Facebook is 2 educational posts (blog posts and infographics) on Monday and Wednesday, 2 promotions on Tuesday and Thursday, one poll, one contest and visual posts scattered in between. Don’t post more than twice a day on Facebook, unless you’re running a special promotion.

What to Post and How to Post

40 % Engaging Content
Engaging content should be the biggest part of your social media pie when you use your profile as a source to build relations with your clients. There is no value in them only seeing your promotions. Turn your page into an inspirational profile and you will never be unfollowed.

This type of content needs to be visually stunning, well written and scheduled to reach your audience at exactly the right time. When done effectively, it evokes an emotional response and can go viral.

You don’t need to spend hours searching for the quotes and content your audience will like. With PromoRepublic, a social media content builder, you just write your keyword in a search bar and discover dozens of premade templates relevant to your business.

30% Promotional Content
This time we want to talk about your brand face, not about discounts or special offers. You can learn more about promotions here. Have you noticed that successful brands are associated with faces? Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg, Apple: Steve Jobs. You get the idea.

Show Them Your Face
Get closer to your customer by sharing the faces of your team. And never forget about your clients. Share photos of them with your goods or at your business – it’s great user generated content (UGC) and it is free.

20% Educational Content
Think of what your followers are interested in. What do they want to learn? If you are a real estate agent for example, you can educate your customers about:

  • Real Estate trends in 2017
  • How to choose the right real estate agent
  • Insurance tips for new homeowners
  • Home renovation tips
  • Furniture trends

10% Curated Content
Don’t blindly share someone else’s posts. Follow pages connected to your industry and see what posts your fans may like: blog posts, special offers etc.

Now that you have some social media content ideas, get out there and give them a try! Registerfor our upcoming webinar on August 15th titled “How to Create Engaging Social Content in Less Time” for more social media content tips.