5 Types of Content That Will Help Distinguish Your Small Business on Facebook

5 Types of Content That Will Help Distinguish Your Small Business on Facebook

There are about 2.27 billion monthly active users on Facebook, as of the third quarter of 2018. Imagine how many people you can promote your small business to in just one social media account.

Before we get to the gist of the article, you might want to learn first the basics on how to promote your small business via Facebook.

5 Steps to Promoting Your Small Business on Facebook

1. Set up your page. Why do you have to set up a page on Facebook? The answer is simple. This is the easiest and fastest way, in fact, also the cheapest way to promote your small business. Understandably, you are going to have budget constraints when starting up a business so you will need all possible ways to market it for free. When setting up a page, you are able to personalize your web address like “facebook.com/insertcompanynamehere” which you can also include in your marketing paraphernalia so that you can get your company name out there as much as you can. Having an account of your small business on Facebook makes it discoverable to its billion users and connects you to both your current customers and new ones.

2. Identify your audience. Facebook allows you to view users’ profiles so it enables you to learn where they live, how old they are, and what their interests are. All this information points to what and who they are as consumers. To start, you have to encourage your Facebook friends to like your page and encourage them to invite their own friends who might also be interested in your products and services, as well as your content, to like it. Facebook can get your company name out there if you do it right.

3. Create compelling content. We will discuss this more thoroughly later but the gist is to post content that is original and elicits a response. Post on a regular basis so that your old and new customers are reminded constantly of your business. There will be posts that will be more popular than others. If you struggle with creating brilliant content, you can use some tools and services that will boost your skills: Grammarly, Essaysupply, Hemingway, Giphy, etc. Once you identify which ones actually elicit positive responses from the Facebook community, try to create similar ones.

4. Advertise using Facebook tools. You can use Facebook Advertising to promote your small business. To create one, you just have to go to the admin panel of your page or use the advert creation tool. You can read more about it on Facebook itself should you find it hard to create one. Use this tool to raise awareness about your business and what you sell – either products or services, perhaps even both.
“Remember that there are different types of personalities on Facebook, so make sure you create one that is personalized and tailor-fitted to your audience,” explains Christopher K. Mercer, an online entrepreneur and founder of Citatior.

5. Maximize the impact of every post and advertisement. Facebook Page Insights help you keep track of your Facebook activities. With this tool, you can learn what type of users actually responds to your ads and other promotions. Knowing who your customers are will help you decide what content to create next. Then you can continue engaging them via targeted adverts and promotions. After all, these are already the users who show interest in your business and are then your possible buyers.

5 Types of Content to Post on Facebook

1. Content that moves your audience to action. Create content that actually mobilizes your audience. The content you post should elicit a response from your audience. Keep them entertained and humored. Do not just make them read your posts, make them do something. Make them feel like they are a part of something more, something that is special.

2. Content that gives. By gives, it means literally. Give away special discounts or gift certificates to draw more users to your Facebook page. It can even be a token of gratitude to your current customers. In fact, you can use this to your advantage by challenging your followers to reach a minimum number of likes to your page before giving away either the special discount or the gift certificate.

3. Content that shows personality. Your posts do not necessarily have to be pure business. In fact, you can share personal photos and other pieces of content that are somehow incidental to your business. For example, if you are selling dog or cat food, you can share a photo of your own dog or cat. As James Daily, head of the content department at Flash Essay adds: “Give your Facebook page some personal touch or something that your followers can actually relate to.”

4. Content that is humorous. If text-only and serious posts can be engaging, what more if it is something entertaining, right? Use your creativity to post something that will lighten up your followers’ day. Post a photo of something that has vibrant colors or with really good typography. You can even post videos that are funny or have gone viral. Make it something that will make your followers actually share.

5. Content that informs. Content does not always have to be plain interesting and entertaining. You can balance it with some serious and informative stuff. Facebook is for every type of users and you have to ensure that you address all of them accordingly. Post something that is useful and informative and something that could actually benefit your followers.

In any case, make sure that your content is concise and visually stimulating. You can post custom GIFs, cinemagraphs, infographics, quotes, photos, and videos. Do not just rely on simple text. Push your creativity to the limit and combine both photos and text to create something that is visually stimulating. Do not forget to keep it as short as possible as well because long adverts can tend to bore Facebook users.

Are You Ready?

Remember, you are going to be competing with thousands of other small businesses that have its own Facebook page. So make sure you post content that will actually stand out from the rest of them.