How to Give Your Brand Personality

How to Give Your Brand Personality

When you break down the aspects of a brand, there are similarities between a brand and a person. A brand has a heart, a personality, morals. A brand can make mistakes, but it can also make things right. A brand can inspire, influence and ignite. Brands are powerful entities that provide consumers with an outlet to embody. So, make everything your company does personal. From one human, to another. Give your customers something to connect with. Dare to offer more than products and services – offer a humanistic approach.

The Heart of It All

A brand should start from within. Develop a brand brief document as the foundation for what your brand is and where it is going. Before you can determine the look and feel, you must determine the heart and soul of the brand. This ultimately directs the entire tone and culture of the company. A brand should outwardly express who you are on the inside. How can a logo be created if you don’t know your core values? And how can you design a website without first establishing your company goals? In short, you can’t; or at least you shouldn’t.

Before you do anything, figure out who you are and who you want to be. After that, the voice, tone, and design are imagined organically because a clear direction is in place.

One of a Kind Personality

Once you’ve established your brand brief and brand identity, don’t stray from it. Be confident in the values you’ve instilled and the personality that’s flourished. Consistency is key when it comes to brand strategy. Make sure guidelines are in place so that everyone who touches the brand can become an expert. At every point, the brand should look the same, sound the same, and offer the same experience to each person who encounters it.

From a customer’s perspective, they should feel familiar when interacting with your brand. Expectations should be set and repeatedly carried out. Customers should feel like they’re talking to a friend; they should know generally what to expect in what you say and how you say it. This will make your brand sound authentic and genuine — traits that will increase your credibility and favorability.

Don’t try to be something that you’re not. Know who you are and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You can’t be everything – inconsistencies will only confuse customers.

Keep the Blood Pumping

Your brand should flow through every vein in the company. Once you launch a new brand, don’t let it go. It’s not over. Just as people grow and change over time, so should your brand. It should always be improving, evolving, and adapting to the market environment to stay relevant. And over time, things inevitably start to slip if no one is held accountable to police ongoing efforts.

Human Connections

Businesses are run by humans, too. So, whether you’re marketing directly to consumers or to other businesses, be relatable. Every day, your target customers are bombarded with information. Break through the static by being thoughtful, relatable, and authentic with all your interactions.

Take a humanistic approach.