During a recent MarketingBitz webinar, Kelly Shelton, VP of marketing at Boostability discussed the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how’ of search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses on a budget. To kick off his presentation, Kelly quoted the LSA’s 2018 Local Media Tracking study, “Consumers use and trust search engines more than any other source when looking for and making a purchasing decision.”

He first dove into the ‘why’ component of SEO by discussing the differences between various search engine results, including paid ads, local listings and organic results. He also explained how SEO enhances all of your other marketing efforts, like radio, TV and print.

He then listed a few best practices for small businesses, including creating relevant behind the scenes code (title and h1 tags, meta descriptions), as well as customer facing copy (keywords), and using that content to build trust in your business.

Kelly discussed the steps of the BoostSEO method: Selecting quality keywords over quantity, becoming relevant for those keywords, earning trust and authority for said keywords and earning page one rankings.

He then explained the various stages of the customer lifecycle, which encompasses:

  • The initial campaign setup
  • Keyword optimization/selection
  • Website optimization
  • Business profile development
  • Link portfolio development
  • Custom content creation
  • Ongoing SEO consultation
  • Service and performance reporting

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