At the end of 2017, Constant Contact announced that they were adding several new features to their email platform geared towards helping small businesses better craft their emails. The enhancements are aimed at improving the email editing, design and user management capabilities offered by the platform. Here’s more on the specifics.

Email Editor

First up is the enhanced email editor. This editor comes with several “Action Blocks”: content sections that allow the email recipient to take several designated actions. Action blocks can include actions such as: RSVPing to an event, taking a poll, or donating to a cause. These blocks allow for more tailored email campaigns, better donation management and higher engagement rates.

To use the action blocks, all you have to do is drag and drop them into your email, then customize the block with your desired call to action. In the example of a polling block, you would add the block, then customize it with your question and all potential answers.

There are other drag-and-droppable features in the new editor, including a spacer to create space between sections and a feature that adds easy social sharing buttons.

Customizable Templates

Aside from action blocks, the new email editor tool offers pre-designed customizable templates that will help experts and beginners alike design professional-quality emails. The new editor tool features a large library of images as well as a range of customizable borders, fonts and colors.

Email User Management Features

And the final and arguably most important change, Constant Contact made improvements to email user management functions. Some of the tools used to improve this component of the platform are a new marketing calendar, dynamic sign-up forms that will attract subscribers and an inbox preview option that works better on a range of platforms and devices. Constant Contact also now allows you to segment your email contacts based on how your audience has engaged with your content in the past.

If you are currently using Constant Contact to automate your business emails, but need help crafting emails that get more actions, both Constant Contact’s blog and the MarketingBitz blog can give you tips on email marketing best practices.