Blogs are a crucial component of any content marketing strategy. Small businesses who maintain a blog by posting new content consistently stand to benefit a great deal from doing so. An informative, creative blog can help assist your business in many areas, including improving your SEO, building trust with old and new customers, establishing your business as a leader in your field, building your brand and generating exposure for your company.

The key to a great blog is great content, however, figuring out what to write about isn’t always easy. If you’re posting regularly (as you should be) it can be difficult to come up with new, unique ideas every time you create a post. To help get your brain into a creative mindset, here are some blog ideas for sprucing up your content.


During a time that online reviews carry so much weight for consumers when deciding when and where to purchase, it can prove incredibly useful to highlight the positive experience a customer had while working with your business. Tell their unique story, how they came upon your business and what ultimately led to their decision to purchase from you. Then recap on what happened during and after the purchase.


For niche businesses in particular, there are generally a decent amount of questions that the average consumer may have when working with you. Create an FAQ page that highlights these questions and answers them in detail. Think about the questions you’re asked most often during day to day operations, then compile them into a blog post.

Humanize Your Company

How did you come into your specific field of work? What made you want to become a business owner? These are questions that many local consumers may be wondering when researching your company. By creating posts that detail various aspects of your story, you’ll not only be educating consumers, but you’ll in turn be building trust and humanizing your brand.

Useful Tools/Content

Create content for your customers that can be of use to them. For instance, if you own a cleaning business, you could provide your audience with tips and tricks for quick and easy at-home cleaning. Or, if you own a bakery, you could provide tips for creating the perfect icing, or just general baking tips that the average consumer may be unaware of. Think about the components of your business that make it unique and try to elaborate on them with helpful content.

Give Updates

Are you releasing a new product? Have you hired a new employee? Are you planning a big upcoming event? Tell your readers about it. Inform them of what’s going on within your company and what they can expect from you in the future.


Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage your followers and gain new ones. Create a blog post that details the rules and stipulations of the contest, as well as any important information (dates, times, locations, etc.)

Poll Your Readers

It’s never a bad thing to learn more about your readers and what they are looking to hear more about. Ask them what topics they want to see, or what they might not want to see. Determine the variations of content that matter most to them, then you can develop a strategy that implements more of it.


Do you have books or authors that you turn to regularly for help with your business? Tell your readers about it. Elaborate on the books that have aided you along your business journey or helped you overcome struggles within your business. Articles, newsletters and other blogs are also good to write about if you think they can provide meaningful information to your readers.