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How to capture emails

Sending good emails is important, however it is more important to send good emails to the right people. Your email list should consist of an audience that enjoys your content and are interested in what your company has to offer.

It is strongly advised to not get ready to use email lists, these lists are more likely to put you under the category of SPAM mail. Building your own email marketing list is much more effective.

Below are some tips to build your own email list.

Use a capture opt-in on your website

capture opt-ins are form boxes on your website that invite users to sign up for your email list. There are a variety of ways to display these boxes on your page, at the top, sides or inside blog posts. Your boxes need to be inviting and for a few pieces of information from the user.

Offer content bait

offering free content in exchange for the email address of potential prospects is one of the most effective ways build an email marketing lists. The term “bait” is used as you will use free content to “fish” the email address and work the lead to turn into a customer. The bait can be an infographic, access to a webinar, an ebook, or any other relevant content that can be distributed for free.

Have a capture page

Offer your bait on a capture page, also called a Landing Page. A Landing Page should not have too much information on the page, it should focus on the opt-in to capture email addresses. Put some effort into a title that will grab the attention of the visitor. Keywords to use in a title are: unique, you, exclusive, not to be missed, these words will help you capture the attention of your visitor and their email addresses.

How to use email marketing to have loyal customers

It is much more difficult to attract a new customer rather than convincing an old customer who is familiar with your brand to make a purchase. A loyal customer is more likely to suggest and recommend your product and services to others. Using email marketing is important to convert leads into clients but more importantly turn them into loyal customers.

Segment your user list

Your brand will have different customers, each looking for different sales or information.

Today a sales funnel has three stages:

  • Knowledge – when the customer is in touch with your website for the first time while researching a topic
  • Consideration – when the user has already identified a problem and is now looking for a solution that answers their needs
  • Decision – when the lead already knows the possible solutions and starts to look for companies that provide this kind of service

You need to segment your email list in the stage your buyer is in to allow you to write a personalized message.

Create engaging content

After users subscribe to your list, you need to create content that will keep their interest. Try to structure your content in terms of usefulness and growth. For example create stages. Below is an example of how a fitness blog could structure their content.

1st stage: a blog post with 10 exercises targeting belly fat.

2nd stage: an ebook shows how to correctly schedule these exercises into your daily routine.

3rd stage: a case study showing how a woman reduced her weight 20 pounds by using these exercises.

Email Flow

Spamming your clients will emails will only bother them and may lead to users unsubscribing. To avoid this you need to establish a structured email flow before you contact your clients. How many emails will you be sending and how often?

Consider your product’s selling flow in order to identify the ideal frequency, if you are offering a more complex product you will need to persuade your user more through more targeted content, therefore the cycle is larger and more frequent as opposed to a product that is repurchased without the use of persuasion.

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