Email marketing is tricky business. There’s a lot of rules in play, as you don’t want to flood your subscribers with useless information constantly, but you also don’t want to go stagnant and have them to forget about you.

The ultimate goal is for your subscribers to engage and interact with your emails by responding to your specific call to action. So how can you make your emails the best they can be to do this? Here are a few tips for how you can improve upon your current and future email marketing strategy.

Provide a Clear Call to Action

Each and every one of your campaigns should have a single focus. What are you trying to get your customers to do? Are you trying to get them to subscribe to your blog? What about visiting a specific page on your website? Or viewing a new product demo or educational webinar? Whatever the task may be, you need to be sure that it is the focus of your emails. Provide clear instruction for what you want your subscribers to do, that way, there’s no discrepancies.

Explain the Benefits of What You’re Offering

Now that you’ve decided what you want your customers to do, you need to explain to them why they need to do it. Explain the benefit that you’re providing them by offering this specific item. For instance, if you’re trying to get your customers to purchase your products online for an additional discount, explain to them the ease of doing so. Provide them with an incentive, like free shipping or a coupon after purchasing. Consumers want to be rewarded for the actions they take, so be sure to listen to those needs.

Create an Engaging Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing your customers will see when they check their inbox. And, more than likely, they are looking at many more emails than just yours. You need to have a unique subject line that sets you apart from the rest and grabs your reader’s attention right from the get-go. When creating a subject line, be sure that it’s fewer than 50 characters and gets your point across. You can even try for a more personalized approach by inserting the receiver’s name in the subject line.

Make it Short and Sweet

Nowadays, consumers want quick and easy. Nobody wants to read an email that goes on forever and ever. The shorter and quicker your email is, the better, so long as you can get your point across effectively. Be sure to keep the most important information above the fold, that way, users will be able to see your main content right away.

Present Subscribers with an Exclusive Offer

Urgency should play a big role in your email marketing campaigns. When there’s urgency, consumers are going to feel more compelled to complete a task. Present them with offers that are for a limited time period, like a buy one get one half off, or a 10% of all sale items. You can also promote events or special promotions in this manner, like a one-day only sale or event. Make sure you express the component of urgency so that they understand the offer is only for a specified amount of time.