Webinars are online events that combine video, audio, and polls to engage audiences from anywhere. Online webinars are very useful to any business as they make communication with prospects, employees, partners, and customers easy and efficient and can be done from anywhere. You can use webinars to give presentations, perform demos, answer questions, or deliver messages to multiple people at a time. Creating an informative and memorable webinar will give you great results.

How to Create a Webinar Step by Step

Step 1: Choose a date and time

Schedule your webinar for a date and time that majority of your attendees will most likely be available on.

Step 2: Choose your webinar topic

Make sure the webinar topic is useful to attendees.

Step 3: Customize your branding

Choose a theme for your webinar, pick a relevant image for your landing page and add your logo to make sure the design reflects your brand.

Step 4: Create a hashtag for your webinar

Successful webinars require promotion. Creating a hashtag is a great start, and it gives people an easy way to talk about it on social media.

Step 5: Send out your webinar invitations

This is when you should really publicize the event. Send the invite to your email list. Post about it on your website or blog. Use the hashtag on social media.

Step 6: Build Webinar content

Take care with the content you’ll present during the webinar. Engaging slides, polls and handouts will make a big difference.

Step 7: Do a practice run

Get your speakers comfortable with the webinar controls and make sure things go smoothly by doing a test run using the webinar software or tool beforehand.

Step 8: Host your webinar

The day’s arrived. This is when your preparation pays off. Don’t forget to record your webinar as well in order to upload it to a video-sharing platform or your website later!

Step 9: Follow up

Check up on your attendees shortly after the webinar, preferably within 24 hours. Ask whether there are any more questions or requests.

Step 10: Make your webinar recording available

A recorded webinar is a great way to keep generating leads long after you’ve finished hosting. Publishing the recording can broaden your reach and attract extra interest for the product, service or information you offer.

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