The Local U Blog is dedicated to helping local businesses build and grow their companies and tackle any challenges they may face. We have interviewed Lighthouse Digital Results, a new digital marketing agency based in Washington, DC, to understand how the founder helped advise a small non-profit on best social media practices and the success that followed.

About Lighthouse Digital Results

Lighthouse Digital Results (LDR) is a digital marketing agency founded by Kate Zickel in January of 2019. It specializes in helping small businesses and non-profits build and grow their online presence through digital branding and social media.

Kate was inspired to start LDR out of the desire to offer a more personalized consultation service that traditional agencies fail to provide. Ever since opening its doors, LDR has always focused on delivering 1-on-1 service to its clients. The company’s clients include non-profit organizations that Kate is very passionate about, as well as product and service retailers.

Educating a Non-Profit on Social Media Best Practices and Growing its Presence Online

Kate’s Lighthouse Digital Results had recently secured a non-profit client for social media consulting. LDR’s goal was to educate the Non-Profit on the best practices of Facebook, showcasing the tools available on the platform and demonstrating strategies to leverage these tools (Facebook live videos, Insights, etc.) to increase reach (the number of people who’ve seen the content) and engagement.


Kate’s priority was not to only establish the Non-Profit’s content strategy but also to set up an editorial calendar for the Non-Profit’s Facebook page, scheduling content posts ahead of time and on a regular basis. Since videos encourage engagement over other forms of content, Kate also posted a combination of relevant video clips and Facebook live videos.

A strategy that LDR employed to dramatically boost reach was to form strategic partnerships with other like-minded and better-known organizations in the local community. Through these partnerships, the Non-Profit was able to increase the exposure of its Facebook page via backlinks (having the partner direct their readers to the page) and outbound links (linking to the partner’s website).

Although LDR’s social media consulting focused on Facebook, the firm also educated the Non-Profit on how to use Twitter to better engage and communicate with its audiences.


At the end of the contract, Lighthouse Digital Results helped the Non-Profit triple its reach to 1.3 million thanks to the content strategy and use of strategic partnerships. The result also made the Non-Profit very excited about the new Facebook tools and the future possibilities these tools represent.

Kate’s Lighthouse Digital Results now has 15 and growing clients on the roster. The drive to produce high-quality content and achieve tangible results have not only attracted returning clients but also generated testimonials that build up a strong reputation.


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