Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. It seems like once we’ve adapted to a particular technology, a new one comes along and completely changes the game. It’s totally transformed consumer behaviors, including how they look for and discover local business information.

During a recent MarketingBitz webinar, Tiffany Monhollon, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at LOCALiQ, discussed the ways consumer technology is changing and how these changes are influencing local businesses’ marketing strategies. “Think about who your audience is and why you need to know them,” she said.

After a brief introduction, she dove right into 5G technology, and discussed how 5G connections will grow by 400% by 2024. Additionally, she stated that 5G will spread faster than 4G’s launch a decade ago and that with 5G’s properties will lead to new technologies, including AR, VR and multi-channel video.

She explained how important it is for small businesses to stay updated on these technologies in order to meet changing consumer expectations, telling attendees they need to, “think like an app.” She offered a few tactics for doing this:

  • Apps don’t go to sleep, neither should your business.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.
  • Make the experience personal for your customers.

She elaborated on the importance of knowing your audience and understanding how they’re spending their time online, whether it’s with mobile apps, the Internet, Amazon Alexa’s or something else. This will then help small businesses adapt their marketing to fit the characteristics of their customers.

To stay up to speed, small businesses should focus on five separate components of their marketing, including web presence, social presence, mobile and app presence, content and entertainment and voice search.