In a recent MarketingBitz webinar, attendees were enlightened with a presentation centered around reaching customers and growing your business through email marketing.

To begin, the presenters mentioned two rules for email marketing, never buying, renting or scraping contact lists, and getting express and variable permission from consumers. They broke the presentation down into separate sections, with best practices for achieving each goal:

Target Leads

  • Utilizing Google Remarketing to turn website visitors into customers via retargeting ads that automatically display across popular sites and mobile apps.
  • Facebook ad campaigns, which helps businesses find new people, connect with existing customers and sell products or services through targeted ads.
  • Instagram ad campaigns showcase a business’s product photography.

Build Your Audience

  • Leveraging existing customers and subscribers
  • Offer a free download to new subscribers.
  • Run a giveaway to collect email addresses in exchange for entry into a contest.
  • Feature a top selling product or service that sets your business apart.
  • Advertise your sales and discounts.

Personalize and Automate

  • Utilize segmentation by sending a targeted event invitation to subscribers inside a particular geographic location.
  • Automate repetitive tasks, like welcoming subscribers or rewarding loyal fans.
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers with targeted ad campaigns and unique email series.
  • Tell your story to your customers.

Personal Narratives Build Brands

  • Utilizing several content vehicles including, video, photography, audio and copy.
  • Tell a story about the origin of a product or service or talk about key partnerships.
  • Entice your readers by summarizing emails and bulleting content.

The 5 most notable takeaways included:

  • Leveraging current customers beyond word of mouth
  • Connecting where your customers already are
  • Making it easy to subscribe
  • Automating and personalizing
  • Humanizing you brand

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