Below is the roundup of some of this week’s MarketingBitz articles and blogs. MarketingBitz publishes digital marketing articles, videos and slideshows written to address the needs of small businesses.

Five Simple Ways To Double Your Email Marketing Open Rates This Week (June 7, 2018)
Forbes: “Tired of seeing that 12.7% open rate attached to your email campaigns? This post is for you.”

12 Ways to Make Your Brand Unique in a Sea of Competition (June 7, 2018)
Inc: “Every entrepreneur intuitively understands the need for uniqueness, but finding true differentiation proves elusive for most. Companies engage in forms of imitation, which is not differentiation at all.”

How to Get Honest Customer Feedback (and Use It) (June 5, 2018)
Business 2 Community: “The right recipe of using the right channels, offering incentives and making it fast and easy for your customers to do so, lets you receive the honest feedback you have been craving.”

A Side-By-Side Comparison of the Different Types of Search Engine Marketing (June 5, 2018)
Business 2 Community: “Search engine marketing and SEO are intertwined and complex. It is very hard to decide where to invest, especially if you are a small business owner constrained by budget and staff shortages.”

10 Ways to Accelerate Your Online Marketing and Small Business Growth (June 2, 2018)
Small Business Trends: “For some businesses, slow but steady is their preferred way to grow. But for entrepreneurs seeking to master their craft and build their empires quickly, careful planning and expertise are required.”