Below is the roundup of some of this week’s MarketingBitz articles and blogs. MarketingBitz publishes digital marketing articles, videos and slideshows written to address the needs of small businesses.

5 Online Marketing ‘Shortcuts’ That Will Actually Sabotage Your Success (September 6, 2018)
MarketingBitz: “When it comes to marketing your business on the Internet, cutting corners can hurt your visibility and the impression you leave on potential customers. Here are 5 marketing ‘shortcuts’ that will actually sabotage your success.”

Organic SEO Versus Local SEO: Which Do I Need? (September 4, 2018)
MarketingBitz: “Each of these digital marketing disciplines — organic SEO and local SEO — involves boosting online visibility for businesses and their websites. In other words, both strategies focus on making websites easy to find when potential customers search for relevant products and services of a business.”

Top 5 Advantages of Facebook Marketing for Your Business (September 3, 2018)
Search Engine Journal: “Facebook is a resource and water cooler for everyone, and we’re using it constantly. It’s become an ingrained part of our lives and culture. While you might want to resist it, Facebook can still be a huge benefit to your business.”

How small businesses can see big results with foundational SEO (September 3, 2018)
Marketing Land: “Search engine optimization is not rocket science for any site, small and local businesses included. Yet, it is easy to get lost in trivial details before the essential, basic steps are put in place. This means for most businesses, there are easy wins on the table.”

7 Amazing Email List Marketing Hacks (September 3, 2018)
Small Business Trends: “Email is far from dead. In fact, it’s alive and well with around 269 billion emails being sent and received daily in 2017, and that’s expected to rise to more than 333 billion by 2022. So, instead of declaring email an outdated technique, take the time to update your lists and strategies. You can start by focusing on these 7 areas starting today.”