Below is the roundup of some of this week’s MarketingBitz articles and blogs.

Why Should Paid Social Media Play a Role in Your Digital Marketing Strategy? (January 10, 2019)
MarketingBitz: “To better increase your chances of reaching your target audience at the right moments, you should consider investing in paid social media advertising. Paid social utilizes sponsored content and advertising to boost your brand’s presence.”

The Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels for Small Businesses (January 8, 2019)
MarketingBitz: “For many years, there was agreement among marketers that email was the most effective digital marketing channel. Small businesses took this advice and ran with it. If they had limited marketing budgets, they focused on email and little else.”

3 Social Media Trends for the New Year (January 7, 2019)
Business 2 Community: “Social media is a viable way to drive sales and build relationships with customers, but it’s important to always keep up with the latest developments to ensure you’re maximizing your efforts.”

How to Create Your Best SEO Content This Year (January 7, 2019)
Search Engine Journal: “In 2019, SEO content will be all about the audience. If you’re looking to improve your content marketing and see real ROI, you have to use practices that will really benefit them. Content that’s highly ranked, that drives traffic and leads is always user-focused, first and foremost.”

Facebook Advertising vs. Google Advertising: Which is Better? (January 7, 2019)
Business 2 Community: “For some reason, this question has been coming up more and more often lately. Perhaps it’s because Facebook has been in the news so much. (Which confirms the saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity!)”