Below is the roundup of some of this week’s MarketingBitz articles and blogs. MarketingBitz publishes digital marketing articles, videos and slideshows written to address the needs of small businesses.

Small Business Marketing Dos & Don’ts: Email Marketing (April 18, 2018)
MarketingBitz: “Working at the Local Search Association has allowed me the privilege of meeting and working with some of the best and brightest minds in the marketing and advertising industries. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, this monthly column, “3 Dos and 3 Don’ts,” offers some practical tips for small businesses to improve their marketing efforts.”

9 Things Retailers Can Do To Compete With Amazon (April 18, 2018)
Business 2 Community: “2017 did not go easy on retailers. Despite retail spending growing globally year-over-year, more than 6,700 store closures were announced last year among brands like Macy’s, Gap and RadioShack.”

Influencer Marketing 101: What Small Businesses Need to Know (April 16, 2018)
Business News Daily: “According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an influencer ultimately uses their authority, expertise and/or position in an engaging, authentic way to affect how their audience purchases items.”

The 6 Ingredients to an Engaging Email Campaign (April 16, 2018)
Business 2 Community: “Whether it was from the perspective of a subscriber or a marketer, you’ve likely discovered by now that campaigns that “blast” customers with messages are ineffective. Total volume of emails doesn’t mean anything if the content is generic and your list is unsegmented.”

How Your Small Business Can Take Advantage of Instagram (April 13, 2018)
Entrepreneur: “Instagram is a great social media channel for marketing your business. However, with 25 million businesses on Instagram today, it’s a pretty saturated platform. So, how can you stand out from the crowd?”