Below is the roundup of some of this week’s MarketingBitz articles and blogs. MarketingBitz publishes digital marketing articles, videos and slideshows written to address the needs of small businesses.

The Ultimate Local Search Checklist for Small Businesses (December 20, 2018)
MarketingBitz: “Local search is one of the biggest digital marketing channels available for small businesses. The very fact that you’re reading this publication means you understand that. But with so many variables to watch out for, getting to the top of Google for your local search term can be daunting. So, how do you ensure your website is optimized to generate more local search traffic?”

Rithm Marketing Webinar Recap: 9 Tactics for Improving Your Ranking on Google in 2019 (December 19, 2018)
MarketingBitz: “During a recent MarketingBitz webinar, Joe Morsello, Owner and Chief Digital Marketer at Rithm Marketing discussed several tactics for improving your ranking on Google in the New Year. He kicked off his presentation by detailing how search results have changed over the last decade. They are now made up of many sections, including ads, organic results, the knowledge panel and the local 3 pack.”

Search Marketing 101: Combine Marketing Strategies to Amplify Impact (December 18, 2018)
MarketingBitz: “Some things are just better together. And adding paid search to your marketing mix is no different. By itself, paid search can be an effective standalone strategy for achieving your goals. But as part of a broader, coordinated campaign, it’s also an effective way to boost the impact of your other marketing investments.”

How to Grow Your Business With Better Local Listings (December 21, 2018)
Business 2 Community: “A local listing is a page or section on a directory which displays pertinent information about a business to searchers. Typically, these listings contain names, addresses, phone numbers (often called NAP data), as well as descriptions of a business, pictures, and reviews from customers.”

How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts (December 19, 2018)
Search Engine Journal: “None of the channels in a digital marketing strategy should exist in a vacuum. They’re all connected in some way, and using those connections to your advantage can help you maximize your results on each.”