With so much information available on the internet, how can your small business stand out against the crowd and put out something that’s useful, informative and eye-catching? As we know, images capture a lot more attention than simple text alone. In fact, studies have shown that people can recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later.

Infographics are a great piece of visual content designed to capture consumer’s attention and provide them with useful information regarding your business and the industry you’re involved in. Infographics combine design aesthetics, content and data in story-like form, allowing for consumers to interpret the information more easily and effectively.

There are many benefits to utilizing infographics within your content marketing strategy. For starters, they can be easily shared via social media and other digital channels. People share infographics 3x more than any other type of content. This helps small businesses gain exposure across multiple channels. Additionally, the human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text, and it’s no secret that it’s a whole lot easier to look at a photo with text than to sift through pages and pages of text and information.

Infographics help small businesses tell a story. For instance, if you’re a pizza parlor, you might consider creating an infographic that tells the story of pizza, where it originated, how it’s changed over time and other interesting statistics that revolve around pizza. In addition to information, be sure to add in your business’s logo and contact information.

In addition to the ability to be shared on social media, infographics can help your business gain useful links. If other companies see your information as useful, they may utilize it on their website or within their blogs and provide a backlink to your site as the source. These links can also help boost your SEO and improve your ranking in local SERPs (search engine results pages).

Through these visual representations, you’re helping label yourself as an expert in your field of work. In some cases, you’re also dispersing information that can be somewhat complicated and turning it into something that makes the info easier to digest and understand. This, in turn, can help increase your brand’s value, by highlighting your knowledge about your business, and building trust in your brand.

Unsurprisingly, the more knowledge and expertise you showcase about your business, the more likely that consumers will be to choose your business over a competitor. Subsequently, infographics can also help you increase your sales. Show your customers what your business is capable of and highlight your unique specialties.

Start brainstorming ideas and have a goal in mind. It may even be worth enlisting the help of a graphic designer in the beginning just to help you get your feet wet. If you don’t have access or the funds to support a design expert, there are plenty of online tools available to help.