During a recent MarketingBitz webinar, Rev Ciancio from Yext explained the importance of digital knowledge management for small businesses. Digital knowledge is all the public facts about your brand that all live online for customers to search. Managing this entails how you make the information available to customers during moments that matter.

The benefits of digital knowledge management include:

  • It helps you bring all the facts about your brand together, from your services, your locations and people to your events, products, and company, into one central repository.
  • Then, it powers those facts on your website and your other direct marketing channels.
  • It puts you in control of your brand across all those new consumer services, which includes managing your reputation.
  • And finally, it helps you ensure the new chat and voice interfaces of the future give customers the right answers to their questions.

He explained that as of April 2016, Google utilizes three local ranking factors to determine which businesses will appear in local search results.

  1. Relevance: Relevance is how well a listing matches what someone is searching for.
  2. Distance: This refers to how far each search results is from the user or location term used.
  3. Prominence: Prominence is how well known and highly rated a location is.

The key takeaways he left the audience with were:

  • Search engines rely on a system of accuracy and relevancy to deliver search results.
  • The local business with more accurate location data across all channels and with more recent positive ratings and reviews have the best shot to come out on the top of searches.

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